16 Best Hot Tub Gifts For The Hot Tub Owner In Your Life

Whether it’s winter, summer, or the holiday season, buying hot tub gifts for your friends and family is always an incredible option.

Hot tubs are operational all year, and your friends and family can use the hot tub gift straight away. However, there are many hot tub gifts on the market, and it’s challenging to find the right one for a gift.

So that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best hot tub gifts for you.

1. Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Is there anything better than relaxing in your hot tub surrounded by your favorite music? It’s always a great idea to have some inspiring music when you’re working out in your hot tub. That’s why the perfect hot tub gift for your friends and family is a waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker.

They’re easy to use, safe to use, and you also don’t need to worry about damaging your electronics in the water. If you’re having a social gathering, you can pass the speaker between friends and share some wonderful music.

2. Hot Tub Robes

Temperatures are always cooler during the wintertime. However, there’s no better feeling than stepping out of a warm hot tub into a comfortable robe. Not only will you avoid the cold temperatures in your backyard, but it will increase your relaxation as you leave the hot tub.

Furthermore, robes are fantastic if you’re walking in and out of your home to your hot tub. The last thing you want is a wet house, and a robe will prevent that water from dripping everywhere. Robes are the ideal hot tub gift if your friends and family have a particular style and fashion taste.

3. Hot Tub Cover

Every hot tub owner should have a hot tub cover to prevent damage. An excellent and reliable hot tub cover will protect water from debris, keep your water clean, prevent heat from escaping the water, stop expensive electricity bills, and prevent drowning. Additionally, hot tub covers are superb for reducing the cost of chemicals. Various elements can ruin a hot tub’s chemistry.

If you’ve damaged the chemistry of your hot tub, it can be expensive and save your hot tub from being damaged. That’s why a hot tub cover is an invaluable hot tub gift for your friends and family with hot tubs. You’ll save them a fortune in repair bills.

4. Hot Tub Cover Lifter

Unfortunately, hot tub covers can be heavy and challenging to lift. After all, who wants to lift a heavy hot tub cover off the hot tub after a long day of work or a brutal workout? An excellent gift idea is a hot tub cover lifter because they protect your back and your hot tub cover.

It’s important to remember that some hot tub cover lifters work with different hot tub covers. Some lifters work with square covers, and other lifters work with rectangular covers. You should check the hot tub cover before buying a hot tub cover lifter as a gift.

5. Non-Slip Hot Tub Steps

There’s nothing worse than injuring yourself or witnessing your friends and family get hurt in their hot tub. One of the biggest catalysts for hot tub injuries is wet steps. However, the best way around that is to buy non-slip steps.

Thankfully, you can purchase non-slip steps that are effortless to assemble, lightweight, and easy to use. They’re also ideal if you have a young family. However, some hot tub owners don’t have any steps. Instead, they will climb into the hot tub, which potentially damages the hot tub and causes injuries.

6. Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to make your hot tub feel relaxing is by selecting gorgeous outdoor lighting. There are various lighting options, and you can tailor the lights to individual tastes and styles.

Outdoor lighting is also imperative to maintaining safety. If you have a young family or you’re socializing with friends, you’ll want excellent light to prevent any injuries. Buying outdoor lighting as a hot tub gift is certain to put a smile on any hot tub owner’s face.

7. Shatterproof Glassware

Everyone loves a party with friends and family in the hot tub during the summer months and the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see people break a glass around or inside the hot tub. Broken glass can cause nasty injuries and severely damage a hot tub.

Shatterproof glassware is the best way to prevent this. During the holiday season, you can ensure your friends enjoy a safe, fun, and relaxing time if you purchase shatterproof glassware so that they can drink in the hot tub without worrying about breaking glass.

8. Outdoor Slippers

Hot tubs sometimes spill water onto the deck. Subsequently, you can carry water inside the house if you don’t have dry feet when exiting the hot tub. However, buying outdoor slippers for your friends and family as a gift is a superb way to prevent that.

Outdoor slippers are more durable, prevent wet floors, and are comfortable to wear. You can buy outdoor slippers in all shapes and sizes, and you can purchase outdoor slippers that match your friends and family’s fashion preference.

9. Spa-Friendly Aromatherapy Products

One of the best hot tub gifts for any time of the year is aromatherapy products for a hot tub. Relaxation is one of the primary hot tub benefits, and aromatherapy products enhance relaxation. You can choose beads, crystals, bombs, liquids, and cartridges as gifts.

Although every product has its benefits, each product has different advantages and scents. The scent you choose is down to preference. Ask your friend with a hot tub what their favorite scents are and surprise them with the perfect smell.

10. Waterproof Playing Cards

Hot tubs are always a fantastic option if you’re looking to socialize with friends and family, and buying waterproof playing cards as a gift is helpful for any hot tub owner. Regular playing cards become wet and unusable in a hot tub, but you can use waterproof playing cards for decades if you look after them.

Can you imagine how many fun games they can play after you give them waterproof playing cards as a gift? It could transform their entire hot tub experience and create memories to last a lifetime.

11. Floating Drink Holder

Many hot tubs don’t include drink holders, and it’s frustrating to keep getting in and out of your hot tub when you want to put your drink down. It’s also dangerous to leave your drink on the side of the hot tub if you’re drinking from a glass.

What’s more, there’s nothing worse than spilling your drink in your hot tub. It could ruin your entire night and damage your hot tub’s chemicals. That’s why a floating drink holder is an incredible gift option. It will help your friends and family socialize, keep their hot tub safe, and make their life far more comfortable.

12. Filter Flosser

A damaged filter is one of the biggest problems for hot tub owners. The best way to prevent filter issues is by using a filter flosser. A filter flosser is quick and easy to use. You don’t need any skills or knowledge to use it.

It will prevent any hot tub issues and ensure your water is clean. It’s the perfect hot tub gift to ensure your friends have a healthy hot tub without expensive repair bills.

13. Underwater Light Show

An underwater light show is a superb way to start the party. When you create a disco effect in a hot tub, it will look fantastic and project a rainbow of lights onto the bottom and sides. You can buy an underwater light show that has different modes.

For example, some underwater light shows have modes that are ideal for relaxing or perfect for starting a party. Many underwater lights have a clever auto shut-off time to ensure you save on your electricity bill.

14. Novelty Hot Tub Gifts

There’s nothing better than cool novelty hot tub gifts during the holiday period. If your friends and family prefer something quirkier, you could buy them a novelty spa thermometer. These hot tub gifts provide a bit of fun to your hot tub while ensuring you stay at the correct temperature.

Another superb option is floating light-up pals. These are fantastic if your friends and family have young children using the hot tub.

15. Hot Tub Gift Card for Their Local Hot Tub Store

If you still can’t think of the perfect hot tub gift for your friends and family, buy a gift card at a local hot tub store. Your friends will then have the option to buy any hot tub accessories they want.

You don’t have to worry about buying them the wrong hot tub accessory either. It’s a win for you and your friends and family.

16. Hot Tub Pillow

A hot tub pillow is a cushioned headrest that you can attach to the side of your hot tub. It provides a comfortable and supportive place to rest your head while you soak in your hot tub. Using a hot tub pillow can help alleviate neck and shoulder pain that can occur from extended periods of time spent in a hot tub.

When shopping for a hot tub pillow, it’s important to look for one that is made of waterproof and UV-resistant materials. Overall, a hot tub pillow is a great hot tub gift and a must-have accessory for any hot tub owner who wants to maximize their comfort and relaxation while soaking in their tub.

When selecting a gift for a hot tub owner, consider their style, preferences, and needs to ensure that you choose the perfect hot tub gift for them. Whatever gift you choose, it will be sure to enhance their hot tub experience and provide relaxation all year round.

Find The Perfect Hot Tub Gifts Today

As you can see, there are various options for your friends and family’s hot tub. Many hot tub owners don’t have enough accessories to maintain their hot tub.

You can save them a fortune in repair bills, improve their relaxation time, and bring a smile to their faces when you buy a surprise hot tub gift.

That’s why a hot tub gift is always a perfect option regardless of the time of the year.

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