Top 3 Hot Tub Accessories You Need To Complete Your Spa

Every hot tub experience can be improved with the right accessories!

Hot tub accessories provide the perfect way to personalize your backyard spa to make it more enjoyable, functional, and safe.

In this article, we break down three must-have hot tub accessories that are sure to make your hot tub sessions more relaxing and enjoyable. Read on for more!

1. High-Quality Hot Tub Cover

A hot tub cover is an essential accessory that every spa owner should have. Hot tub covers keep out dirt and debris, help maintain water temperature, and improve overall energy efficiency.

When choosing a hot tub cover, it’s important to remember that not all covers are equal. Although a less expensive cover might seem like the better option at first, cheaper covers might not stand up to the elements as high-quality covers can.

For example, SunStrong® Premium Spa Covers are built using durable marine-grade material to make caring for your spa both stylish and simple.

Not to mention that you can customize your cover to match your spa and home exterior!

2. Cover Lifter

While every hot tub should have a cover, hot tub covers can be tricky and heavy to take on and off. A cover lifter eliminates the need for heavy lifting, making cover removal hassle-free!

High-quality cover lifters, like those from CoverMate™, have only one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism so installation is simple and fast, no matter the size or shape of your outdoor hot tub.

3. Hot Tub Steps

When it comes to hot tub accessories, steps are a must-have. Hot tub steps help provide a safe way to enter and exit your hot tub, and the resistant rubber tread helps to prevent slipping.

Built from durable synthetic or plastic material, they easily withstand harsh outdoor conditions to resist fading, rotting, cracks, and stains.

Some hot tub steps come with features like built-in storage and LED light kits to provide added safety and convenience.

You can even color-match your steps to your hot tub cabinet!

Hot Tub Accessories in Patchogue

If you’re looking to get more out of your hot tub experience, visit the experts at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs in Patchogue, NY to explore our wide selection of high-quality hot tub accessories.

We have a wide selection of hot tub covers, cover lifters, and steps to suit backyard spas of all shapes and sizes!

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