5 Fun Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa

When it comes to hot tubs, there are a few facts that you probably have already committed to your memory.

For starters, you already know that our Hydropool Swim Spas are unmatched for healing and recovery, and our Sundance® Spas, among our other hot tub brands, are the pinnacle of luxury and innovation.

Even better, you’ve acquired the right spa equipment and hot tub supplies to make the most of your experience. What’s your next step in boosting your enjoyment?

At this point, all you need is the right ambiance and atmosphere to bump it to the next level. Take some well-earned time to relax in the jets with these fun outdoor lighting ideas.

5 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Boost Your Atmosphere

Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas

1. The Outdoor Nature

If your yard has many tall and aged trees, you can capitalize on that to create your own secluded, calming enclave of nature. Use warmly colored string lights strung from branch to branch to match and amplify the glowing comfort of a brick faux fire pit.

Classic rough bark or paneled wood dividers can be set up between your spa and house to prevent other light sources from interfering with the illusion that you are miles away from civilization.

2. The Olden Days

If your yard is more practically minded, with garden plots and ceramic pots strewn around, you can capitalize on that with olden-style bronze lantern posts, spaced evenly along a privacy fence.

Hang some mason jar candles in areas that need more light, or plant some solar lights to make a path to see by.

3. Recycled Originality

If you would rather make a statement with your outdoor hot tub, why not use recycled or reclaimed materials? Glass bottle candles make for a fun and easy project, or you can reuse old scrap metal for makeshift tea-candle holders.

More complicated projects can include chairs and benches with built-in lights, taken from old flashlights or even retired headlights.

4. Roped In

Not just a practical light source, but a great way to light up walkways! Rope lights are versatile and flexible. String some from awning to awning, make tethered paths throughout the yard, or even color-code the entire yard, with warmer oranges and yellows for gathering spots and cooler blues and purples for privacy areas.

5. Modern Marvel

If you are going for a more futuristic, clean look, why not use LED strips? These tiny lights put out an impressive amount of glow and can be hidden almost anywhere – underneath stairs, behind furniture, beneath epoxy walkways, even strung up trees.

As an added bonus, many of these are easy to convert to wireless so that you can adjust the intensity and color to suit your mood and impress guests.

Hot Tub And Swim Spa Outdoor Lighting In Patchogue

Have you been struggling with choosing the perfect hot tub lighting style for your personal spa or hot tub, but you weren’t quite sure where to begin?

If you’ve been feeling inspired by this article and you want more tips and advice for styling your backyard space, why not take a look at our blog for more hints?

It’s important to remember that proper outdoor lighting doesn’t just set the atmosphere but can also be vitally important for safety, especially if you expect children to be playing in these areas at night. Be sure to keep all hazards clearly marked and visible, no matter what outdoor light style you go with.

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our showroom here at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs in Patchogue to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team for more information!

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