The 6 Best Hot Tub Games & Party Ideas for Families

Owning a hot tub or swim spa has been proven to be therapeutic in many ways. Of course, they may come with a host of health benefits, but let’s not forget that they are also about leisure. That’s right; hot tubs should be fun!

Whether you’re in the market for a new hot tub or already a proud owner, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different ways you can utilize it.

To help get the most out of your experience, we’ve compiled a list of family-friendly hot tub games and party ideas that will get your creative juices flowing. With so many possibilities, the hardest part might just be deciding which ones to try first!

The 6 Best Family-Friendly Hot Tub Games

First, let’s explore some hallmark games, some of which have been played in hot tubs for decades.

While people often think of hot tubs as breeding grounds for romance, they are also great places to gather with family or friends for some platonic fun.

Here are a few hot tub games that will keep your guests entertained throughout the afternoon:

Playing Cards And Dice

Card games in water? That’s right! You can purchase waterproof playing cards for a splashy game of Poker, Solitaire, or even Go Fish. Waterproof Uno cards also exist, which should make for an interesting time for the little ones. You can play this hot tub game year-long, but it’s perfect for the springtime when warmer weather.

Rolling dice in a hot tub might prove to be difficult, but there are also waterproof options for this classic game. Consider purchasing a waterproof Yahtzee game where you can roll all of your numbers right into the water! This will most likely require multiple attempts, but that can turn out to be hilarious.


Charades is a classic game that requires little to no equipment and preparation. Simply place yourselves in teams around the hot tub, and go around acting out different things for your teammates to guess. It’s quite simple, fun, and can be played in any number of ways.

If you’re looking for something a little more competitive, give Celebrity Hot Tub an attempt. This hot tub game is similar to Charades, but the aim is to guess movie titles instead of actions or gestures. Players will go around the hot tub, one at a time, and act out different movies. The first person to guess correctly wins a point for their team, and the first team to 10 points wins!

21 Questions

You can play this game in and out of the water. One player begins by thinking of an object, person, place, or even animal not usually associated with a hot tub. For instance, if we were to play this hot tub game, you might think of a rose because they only remind you of Valentine’s Day, but nothing else has made you think of a hot tub.

Every other player must ask the original player 21 questions, and they can only answer with “Yes” or “No.” Think carefully about what you want to state before revealing anything because if your team guesses wrong, the game is over! This hot tub game gets even harder near the end when players don’t have many choices left.

Water Ping Pong

Yes, you read that correctly. Mini floating ping pong tables are a thing now, and they’re an absolute blast for everyone involved. All you need is a table and one water-resistant ball, which you can purchase here if it’s something you want to buy for your hot tub or pool.

If you’re not into ping pong enough to buy a waterproof table (we understand), perhaps you could try Hot Tub Beer Pong. Allow your party cups to float in the water, then throw in one ping pong ball for each team. The first team to sink all of their opponent’s cups wins.

Word Trail

This hot tub game also serves as a great exercise to develop the younger players’ vocabulary. Have everyone sit in a circle and get ready to choose one person who will be the game’s leader. Once your chosen player is ready, they will begin by saying a word. The next player must then say a word that directly relates to the first. They can’t make up their own words, and they must follow basic word rules.

For example; The first player begins with “the,” and the next player must say a word with “t.” The second player could respond with “table,” and the third player would then have to say a word related to the table. This hot tub game can be played as long as everyone is interested, and it’s a great way to get people interacting and thinking creatively.

6 Hot Tub Party Theme Ideas

If you’re hosting a get-together to play all these aforementioned fun games, you might want to spend a bit of time thinking of a theme for your party. It will help you determine the kinds of hot tub games that will work best for your party, as well as what kinds of décor and accommodations to make.

You can also check our Backyard Inspiration page, for a gallery of images of well-decorated spa areas.

The Hot Tub Cinema

The hot tub cinema is a classic among hot tub owners. What better way to end the night than by watching the latest hit movie from the comfort of warm water and bubbles?

To make this effect come to life, you will need a projector screen, sheet, or outdoor wall you can attach it to.

Karaoke/Open Mic Night

Set up a little stage outside of the hot tub, and have one or two of your guests perform karaoke for the rest of you! Make sure to have some supplies on hand, such as extra remotes and microphones if your speakers aren’t wireless.

Your setup needs to be far enough away from the steps of the hot tub so that you don’t accidentally stumble into it during a performance. Also, make sure all electrical wiring is tucked safely away or covered in waterproof tape.

If none of you like singing, use the stage for open mic night instead! Whoever can make the others laugh most is the winner, and whoever is booed off stage will have to give up on their dreams of being a comedian.

LED Wonderland

If you want to host your friends during the nighttime, you’ll have a lot more fun if you can see what’s going on. String up some color-changing LED lights around the hot tub, and sit back to watch them sparkle as your guests enjoy their drinks. This will give a sense of serenity that could be quite calming for everyone trying to unwind after a long day at work or school.

Consider putting up some signs, so interested guests know where to go. You might also want to provide robes, towels, and flip-flops for anyone who wants to spend more than a few minutes in the hot tub without getting wet.

Don’t forget to cover your hot tub after your wild night!

A Secret Garden Tea Party

If you’re into making fancy cocktails with light-up ice cubes, flowers floating in the tub, and maybe some goblets for tea, then this is something for you to consider. Set up an area outside the hot tub where your guests can place their drinks while they enjoy soaking in the water.

Try different teas, and sweeten them with honey, sugar cubes, or agave rather than the traditional lemon wedge. Provide a selection of cookies or scones for your guests to nibble on as they chat. Don’t forget a small table for everyone’s refreshments!

You can make it as fancy or simple as you like, and everything is easy to clean up afterward if your guests leave behind a few stray dishes.

Quarantine-Style Camping

Kids are sure to love this one! Set up your backyard with tents, sleeping bags, and a campfire with pots and pans that partygoers can use for cooking their s’mores. If you have a projector screen, this would be a great time to show an outdoor movie. Just make sure the film is G-rated!

You might even consider getting some battery-powered lanterns so everyone can have a little light in the tents, and your backyard will turn into a campsite that all of your guests will want to come back to.

A charcoal grill and some chairs will set the scene for a barbecue lunch or dinner, but be sure to speak with your neighbors first about any possible noise concerns. Consider that you may want to move everyone indoors if it looks like rain is coming.

Album Listening Party

If your favorite artist’s new album has just dropped, consider hosting an outdoor listening party! Get the wireless speakers out of storage, and hook them up to your phone. Then find some comfortable seating around the hot tub (so you can keep your beverages close!)

This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to engage in some serious discussion about what you like or don’t like about the new album. This is a great way to keep everyone entertained and active outside of the hot tub, so you don’t feel obligated to stay in it all night.

You can also take it old school and listen to classical concerti, such as The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

What Hot Tub Games Will You Play?

Whether you’re looking to have an all-night party or just a little afternoon of fun, there are plenty of backyard activities that will keep everyone entertained. If you need any more ideas for pleasurable outdoor activities, feel free to ask us at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs!

If you don’t own a hot tub yet, you may now see why you should buy one! We carry all of the top brands of hot tubs, and we can help you find the perfect model for your needs.

For more information on hot tubs, check out our blog or contact us any time to get started!

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