Top 3 Simple Hot Tub Exercises for a Great Workout

Spas are designed with health and wellness in mind!

Did you know that hot tubs are good for much more than just relaxing? Have you ever thought about working out in the water? That’s right, you can use your hot tub to stay fit and practice some effective hot tub exercises on a daily basis!

There are many ways you can easily turn your hot tub installation in an amazing wellness center, and practicing fitness is one of them!

Here are some of the most beneficial hot tub exercises that you can perform in your hot tub!

Running in Place

This is one of the most classic hot tub workouts. Running in place by standing up in the water will help you build your quads and legs muscles. Having a bar nearby can help make the exercise more effective, as you might feel more confident about having something to grab on to if need be.

It is important to keep your balance while jogging in place. To keep the energy up, you can set up an outdoor sound system and listen to some of your favorite music. Just remember to always have a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated while doing cardiovascular exercise!

Calf Raises

Calf raises are absolutely great to strengthen your legs, improve balance, work your core, and promote blood circulation effectively. This hot tub exercise is easy to perform: stand on your toes and stretch your legs as much as you can, moving to your tippy toes.

Hold the position for a brief moment, then bring your heels and feet back down to a regular standing position. Continuously repeat this movement for a great leg workout!

Create a pattern with this movement and reap all the benefits of this exercise, by including it in a circuit! Not only will you strengthen your legs, but other parts of your body too!

Feet Propellers

If you have enough space in your hot tub, lay in the water with your back leaning against the tub’s edge. Simply swim in place with your feet by splashing water slightly below the surface!

This will help you strengthen your legs and even arms, due to the stretching action of having them stretching on the edge of the spa.

These are only some of the many hot tub exercises that are possible in a hot tub. Many people love to also practice cardio, stretching, and yoga.

The Benefits of Underwater Hot Tub Exercise

Exercising in a hot tub can have many amazing health benefits. These hot tub exercises can help you enhance your blood circulation, as well as stay fit – even if you don’t have the opportunity to train regularly. Some simply have physical limitations that don’t allow them to practice regular fitness.

Others are simply can’t devote as much time energy to fitness as they would like. In either case, hot tub fitness is a great way to stay fit and feel well with a low-impact exercise routine.

Among other hot tub benefits, the buoyancy of the water and pressure from a hot tub can have some amazing impact on the body during exercise and recovery.

They will protect and nurture the muscles, preventing joint and stretching injuries. In addition to that, the heat will also help you find relief from stress and tension, making for a more beneficial workout as a whole!

It’s important to remember that you should always stay hydrated during a workout and take a break if you feel fatigued or overheated. You should speak with a physician first before starting any new hot tub exercise regimen.

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