Can Hot Tub Exercises Help You Lose Weight?

In the previous year, most gyms have been closed, but people still want to lose weight. Perhaps you think that’s a problem? Many people think going for a run, working out in the gym, and doing aerobics is the only way to lose weight. But did you know you can lose weight from hot tub exercise?

A relaxing soak in your hot tub can help you burn calories, reduce your body-fat percentage, and get in perfect shape for the summer! In addition, hot tub exercise can reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, just like an hour of running!

You should learn how to maximize your hot tub to increase your health, fitness, and mental health – and this article will give you the perfect guide to doing so!

What Makes People Lose Body Weight?

Many people over-complicate losing weight, and it can seem very daunting and hard to achieve. However, losing weight is simply reducing body fats and reducing your calorie intake below your maintenance level.

The average man needs to consume around 2,500 calories per day to maintain weight, and the average woman needs to consume about 2000 calories per day to maintain weight.

Therefore, if men and women consume fewer calories than their calorie maintenance level daily, they are more likely to lose weight. The average run will burn around 600 calories, so if a woman eats 2000 calories and goes for an hour run, they will have consumed 600 calories fewer than their maintenance level.

Therefore, over time, the woman will lose weight! Sounds simple, right? Your hot tub is a tremendous tool to burn those calories because there are so many calorie-burning workouts you can do from the comfort of your hot tub.

Hot Tub Exercises are Safe and Effective if Performed Correctly

Hot tubs are superb for safe exercise if you perform the workouts correctly. One of the most excellent benefits of hot tub exercise is the relief on the joints. Of course, you can burn lots of calories when you’re running, but if you’re not an experienced runner, it’s not uncommon to get shin splints and IT band syndrome from the heavy impact on the joints.

Instead, when you perform workouts from the hot tub, the water will ease tensions and reduce pressure on the joints. It’s entirely possible to perform stressful exercises such as squats, trunk twists, and shoulder rolls safely from your hot tub with less pressure on the joints and increased safety.

If you’re coming back from any type of injury – including shoulder, back, and leg injuries – you should consider the safety offered by hot tub exercise.

7 Benefits of Exercising in a Hot Tub

1. You will exercise many muscles in your body

One of the most significant benefits of hot tub exercise is the impact on all of your muscles. When you exercise in water, you’ll hit more muscles in the body. Therefore, you will achieve a greater muscular tone, strength, and size.

2. You will burn extra calories

Water offers in-built resistance, meaning you’ll have harder workouts than when you work out on land. For example, even simple tasks like walking and running are far harder when performing them in the water.

So, you’ll always burn more calories when you move your body because of the extra water resistance.

3. Fewer injury concerns

Exercising in the water provides many rehabilitation benefits, and moving your joints inside the water can help you recover from a muscular injury.

Moreover, hot tub exercise is fantastic for those who suffer from a range of mobility issues, as the buoyancy can support your body while the resistance slows down your movements. Water is also great if you’re looking to avoid injury risks from lifting free weights on land.

4. Excellent for increasing cardio health

Exercising in the water is superb for cardiovascular endurance because it reduces high blood pressure and relaxes the blood vessels.

Therefore, performing any activity in your hot tub can increase your cardio levels without having to run around the block and hurt your joints.

5. Increased muscular endurance

If you want stronger muscles, you’ll need to perform exercises that bring resistance to your muscles. Water offers automatic resistance to your body, meaning even simple movements can help increase muscular strength and endurance.

Furthermore, water provides a balanced workout on your muscles, so you’ll hit your triceps and biceps evenly when you exercise.

6. Improved mental health and mindset

Everybody knows that amazing endorphin rush that you get after a hard workout, and everyone knows how relaxing a hot tub is for your mind, body, and soul. When you mix the two, you enjoy excellent benefits to your mental and physical health.

7. Increased sleep-quality

Did you know that poor sleep severely hinders your potential to lose weight? According to research, people who sleep less are more likely to eat 300 more calories daily.

Hot tubs are superb if you’re looking to get better sleep quality because they promote relaxation, decrease stress levels, and ease the pain. So, if you exercise in a hot tub – you get the best of both worlds!

Hot Tub Exercises to Help You Lose Weight

Here is the good news – hot tub exercise is brilliant for losing weight! When you perform any exercise in the water, you’ll feel extra resistance, and extra resistance means you will burn extra calories. Therefore, as long as you track the calories consumed from eating your daily meals and perform the exercise from your hot tub, you will lose weight fast.

Many exercises can help you lose weight, including running, cycling, and HIIT. However, these exercises don’t include the extra resistance from the water, and they can hurt your joints because the water isn’t cushioning the movements.

In addition, if you use weights inside the hot tub, the extra water resistance on the weights can help you burn those extra calories, which makes all the difference when you’re trying to lose weight.

Not only does water resistance help you lose weight, but it can also help you build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness at the same time. So you’ll soon have that perfect summer body!

The 4 Best Hot Tub Exercises You Can Try In Your Hot Tub Today

Abdominal Exercises

Are you looking for those excellent six-pack abs? (aren’t we all?) If so, you’ll love to know that hot tubs offer various amazing abdominal workouts that will not only build your core muscles but also help you burn calories and lose weight.

An excellent option is when you sit in a submerged position with your shoulders in the water. Then, cross your arms together on the top of your chest, and hug yourself. After that, extend your legs in front of you and lean forwards and backward.

It’s almost like a sit-up or crunch, and you’ll hit the same muscles, but it will feel more relaxing because you’re in the warmth of your hot tub! If you want to smash those abdominals, raise your legs for extra difficulty and stability. 

Furthermore, another superb abdominal workout is Russian aquatic twists. Sit yourself down and raise your legs to the water’s surface. Then, with both hands, touch the hot tub’s seat and repeat this hot tub exercise repeatedly. It’s going to hurt, but it’s going to build abdominal muscles and help you burn calories and lose weight (win-win).

Chest and Back Exercises

When you develop your chest and back muscles, you can really improve your physique. These large muscle groups are crucial to building strength, and working these muscles can burn lots of calories. An excellent option is to submerge your arms and chest and reach your arms out to your sides.

Make sure you keep your hand flat and bring your hands together like you’re clapping! Also, ensure you have straight arms and relaxed shoulders. This movement will help you work on your chest muscles. Alternatively, if you want to target your back muscles, do the same exercise but backward.

Another option is the chest press, which works similar to the bench press but inside your hot tub.  You only need some basic resistance bands, which you can find for next to nothing on websites like eBay.

  • Sit down on the hot tub chair, tie the resistance bands to the hot tub mounts, and bend your elbows, so they are at 90 degrees.
  • Then, push your arms forward until you fully extend your arms, and bend your elbows back to the starting position.
  • If you feel a burn in your chest – you’re hitting those chest muscles properly!

Leg Workouts

Hot tub exercise is phenomenal if you’re looking to get a leg workout, and they also offer the best way of exercising your legs without joint issues. An excellent option is hitting your thighs and glutes because they’re key muscle areas, and you’ll burn lots of calories and decrease your chance of injury when you run and cycle.

The king of all leg exercises is squatting. You should take a standing position in the hot tub, with your feet around a shoulder’s length apart, and bring your arms out in front of you. Then, squat down until your thighs are parallel. Try to repeat this as many times as possible till you feel burning glutes and thighs. If you want extra resistance, you could stand one leg for your squats and use your seat as support.

Squats will give your calves some impact, but you should look to hit them directly. Stand up straight and focus on a spot that’s directly in front of you. Then, raise your whole body by raising your heels until you’re standing completely on your toes.

You can always add more resistance by standing on one foot and resting on the seat for extra stability. The CHELSEE® 2021 is an excellent hot tub for leg exercises because it has lots of space.


Do you want those toned arms and big biceps? Your arms are crucial to a healthy body, and arm exercises can help you burn those essential calories. However, your shoulders are an indispensable muscle for stability and overall health too.

To hit your shoulder muscles, submerge your body until your neck is almost under the water. Then, extend your arms outwards with your palms completely facing downwards. After that, cross over your arms over your chest, and draw them back to the initial position. If you repeat this exercise until you feel the burn in your shoulders, you’re doing it correctly!

Another option is bringing your hands down to the side of your body. You should ensure that you cup your hands and then bring your hands up with lots of force. You’ll need to bend your elbows somewhat to ensure your forearm is the only body part moving.

Once you’ve put your hands near your chest, invert your hands so they face your front again. If you repeat this hot tub exercise repeatedly, you’ll hit your biceps and triceps. The MARIN® 2021 is a great option for arm exercises because it’s a modern design with ample space.

Check With Your Doctor Before Starting a Hot Tub Exercise Regime

You must always check with your doctor before you start any hot tub exercise regime. If you decide to create a swim spa exercise routine without seeking a doctor’s advice, you can risk injury or serious medical issues.

If you have heart issues, kidney disease, arthritis, and you’ve had recent cancer treatment – you should get immediate doctor’s advice before starting a new hot tub exercise routine.

Finding a Hot Tub For Exercise Today

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