What Is The Best Large Hot Tub For a Big Backyard?

When choosing a hot tub, there are a lot of different factors to think about. Lifestyle needs, budget, and size are just a few of the things you need to ponder over when looking for the perfect large hot tub for your big backyard.

For this reason, AJ Spa & Hot Tubs is here to help you go over some options for large hot tubs if you have a large backyard.

Claremont® Large Hot Tub For a Big Backyard

Claremont Hot Tub

While there are many hot tubs on the market, one of the best is Claremont®.

The Claremont® is one of the largest tubs on the market. The Claremont® doesn’t only have the size in its favor, but it also has quality. The Claremont 980™ fits up to 6 people and has a total of 59 jets. Here are some more highlights of this model:

  • Large size (7’8” x 8’4” x 34”), which means a spacious interior
  • Water capacity of 405 gallons
  • Five individual seats and one lounge

Kingston™ For Capacity And Luxury


The Kingston™ hot tub brings some of the best craftsmanship of any spa on the market. It can fit up to seven people very comfortably and holds 401 gallons of water. It features three types of specialized jets, which will provide a great soaking experience.

The Kingston™ offers hip-targeting ACCU-SSAGE™ jets, broad-coverage leg therapy jets, and SILENTAIR® injector jets for aromatherapy products. Other features of the Kingston™ include:

  • 57 total jets
  • Comfortable headrests
  • SunCooler™ cold storage area

Odessa™ For Capacity At Midrange Price

The Odessa™ hot tub is similar to the Kingston™. However, it comes in at a more affordable price point. The Odessa™, like the Kingston™, can hold up to seven people. It holds 341 gallons of water and has 37 total jets.

The Odessa™ has top-of-the-line technology, including aromatherapy jets, a glass iTouch control system, and a MicroClean® water management system. Other features include:

  • Adjustable flow rate water feature
  • LED lighting
  • Four headrests

Maxxus™ For Ultimate Relaxation

The MAXXUS™ hot tub is a large tub that can accommodate some of the largest parties. Besides being large, the MAXXUS™ boasts some of the greatest features on the hot tub market. It has a total of 65 jets, six of which are aromatherapy jets. Other features of the MAXXUS™ include:

  • Water capacity of 523 gallons
  • Customizable appearance and EcoWrap® option
  • One lounge seat

Aj Spa & Hot Tubs Can Help Fill Your Backyard

Whether you’re looking for a large hot tub to put on your patio or a large luxury item to highlight your backyard, AJ Spa & Hot Tubs can help you! We have a wide assortment of different small or large hot tubs in our showroom, so please come visit us.

We’re located in Patchogue, New York, and would love to talk with you about owning a new hot tub.

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