Which Small Hot Tub Is Best For a Small Backyard?

Picking the right small hot tub for your small backyard is essential to make sure you get the most out of it. Many hot tub owners enjoy their decision more when they do the proper research beforehand.

AJ Spa & Hot Tubs believes there are three main criteria to make choosing the right hot tub easy:

  • size,
  • features, and
  • affordability. 

Hot tubs come in all types of shapes and sizes, and if your space is limited, picking a small hot tub to accommodate your space will ensure you get the most out of it.

Tacoma® Spa For Tight Spaces

The Tacoma® is great for people who want an affordable and small hot tub with access to some higher-end features. The Tacoma® can hold a total of 145 gallons of water and can fit up to 2 people. That gives each person a total of 72.5 gallons of water to themselves.

This tub is great for people who want their hot tub placed on a patio outside or in a small backyard space. It’s lightweight, and its unique triangle shape means it can be placed in corners comfortably. Other features include:

  • 12 jet massagers
  • 2 upright and ergonomic seats
  • LED lighting

Capri® Small Hot Tub For Small-Sized Luxury

The Capri® is a model of small hot tub suitable for people looking for all the features of a large tub but in a compact size. It can hold up to 230 gallons and seats up to three people comfortably. With two people inside, each person gets 115 gallons to soak in, which is quite spacious compared to other smaller hot tubs.

The Capri® has a slightly larger footprint than the Tacoma® Spa at 5’9” x 6’10” x 30.5”, but it’s still quite small compared to other tubs on the market. The Capri® also boasts:

  • 31 jet massagers
  • Two lounge seats, which can flexibly seat three people
  • Optional BLUEWAVE™ spa stereo system with 6 JBL speakers

To learn more about Capri®, click here!

Aj Spa & Hot Tubs For Your Large or Small Hot Tub Needs

AJ Spa & Hot Tubs has been dedicated to providing the best hot tub services in New York for over 40 years. We’re located in Patchogue, and we’d love for you to come and check out our showroom of amazing large or small hot tubs.

While you’re here, we can answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect small hot tub for a small backyard.

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