Spotlight: The Sundance Spas 980 Series

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to choosing a hot tub. If you’re on the hunt for a spa that offers durability, functionality and an overall first-rate experience, look no further than Sundance® Spas 980™ Series. This line of hot tubs offers high-quality hydrotherapy in sleek, chic packages.

Founded upon the elements you love from your favorite Sundance spas, the 980™ Series boasts the best that technology and design have to offer. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this amazing new series of spas.

The Claremont®

Seats: 5-6

Size: 92” x 100” x 34”

Jets: 59

This Smart Tub-enabled, six-seat spa is all about luxury and a first-class hydrotherapy experience. The Claremont’s full-body massage lounge seat is molded to offer support to your body as you relax and allow tension in your neck, back, hips, wrists, legs and feet to melt away.

The experience is completed by the gentle bubbles and the soothing scents of aromatherapy courtesy of the Silent Air® injector jets and SunScents™ aromatherapy technology.

Stylish exterior cabinetry, corner illumination, and an illuminated i-Touch glass control panel make this spa as beautiful as it is easy to use. A low-profile height makes entering and exiting the spa a breeze while the illuminated SunCooler™ cold storage areas that double as additional seating round out the experience.

The Kingston™

Seats: 6-7

Size: 92” x 100” x 34”

Jets: 57

With the ability to easily accommodate six adults, this innovative spa is chock-full of delightful details from the upgraded Accu-Ssage™ deep tissue jets to the broad coverage leg therapy.

From the moment you sink into the heated depths of the Kingston™, you’ll enjoy all the benefits our patented Fluidix® Jets have to offer.

The specialty Silent Air® injector jets combined with the spa’s SunScents® Aromatherapy technology offer up a truly blissful experience each and every time you use it.

The Kingston™ from Sundance Spas is just as impressive on the outside with its sleek exterior cabinetry highlighted by corner illumination and a low-profile flat top rail. The lounge deck boasts both illuminated SunCooler™ cold storage areas and additional seating.

The Odessa™

Seats: 6-7

Size: 89” x 89” x 34”

Jets: 37

This first-class, six-seat spa combines luxury and technology to provide a second-to-none user experience. The upgraded Accu-Ssage™ therapy seat offers deep-tissue massage courtesy of the patented Fluidix® massage jets while the deep tissue seat is reminiscent of strong hands kneading your muscles. Like its cousins, the Odessa offers Silent Air® injector jets and SunScents™ Aromatherapy technology for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The glowing Glass i-Touch Control makes day and night dips equally enjoyable while the simple icon-driven menus make the spa easy to use. The Odessa is also compatible with the SmartTub™ app, which allows you to monitor and manage your spa from anywhere.

The Lisbon™

Seats: 5-6

Size: 89” x 89” x 34”

Jets: 44

Comfortably seating six, the Lisbon offers the ultimate full-body massage experience with its fully-jetted lounge seat. Targeting your neck, back, hips, wrists, legs and feet, the seat always leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. Accompanied by an Accu-Ssage™ therapy seat and a cool-down seat that allows for partial immersion while receiving a fantastic foot massage, this spa is all about comfort.

With chic cabinetry, a waterfall, architectural corner lighting and LED illuminated coolers that double as extra seating, this Smart Tub-enabled spa is both beautiful and user-friendly. It also boasts CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology, a quick-drain feature, and the MicroClean® Ultra Water Management System to make cleaning and maintaining your spa a breeze.

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