Hot Tub Yoga – 20 Best Advanced Hot Tub Yoga Positions

Have you ever tried yoga? If you have, you most definitely understand the appeal. If not, you may have heard about the many positive improvements that it can offer your lifestyle. When combined with a hot tub, the benefits of hot tub yoga are even further maximized.

For those who are more experienced or looking for a challenge, these advanced hot tub yoga positions are for you.

Benefits Of Doing Yoga In A Hot Tub

The first benefit is pain relief. If your body is aching at particular points or you are experiencing fatigue, it is bound to be improved or relieved with regular hot tub yoga sessions. With an outdoor hot tub, you can even connect with nature in the process.

You can involve breathing exercises that help clear your mind and relax your body, while gently stretching your sore and tight muscles.

By stretching and opening up, you can release tension from the major joints, tendons, and ligaments that, in turn, can help to rid your body of the pain. Hot tub yoga can also help to increase your flexibility and tone your muscles, by improving your range of motion and challenging your balance.

20 Advanced Hot Tub Yoga Poses

Here are our favorite advanced spa yoga poses:

  1. Lord of the Dance Pose
  2. Lotus Pose
  3. Side-Reclining Leg Lift
  4. Boat Pose
  5. Camel Pose
  6. Eagle Pose
  7. Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
  8. Fire Log Pose
  9. Half Moon Pose
  10. Marichi’s Pose
  11. Noose Pose
  12. Monkey Pose
  13. Revolved Triangle Pose
  14. Warrior I Pose
  15. Warrior II Pose
  16. Warrior III Pose
  17. Upward Facing Dog Pose
  18. Chair Pose
  19. Cobra Pose
  20. Dolphin Plank Pose

Which poses will you incorporate into your next hot tub yoga session?

Beginner Hot Tub-friendly Yoga Poses

If the poses above pose too much of a challenge, here are some beginner ones that you may find more suitable.

Some of the best poses include the half-moon pose and the clock pose.

In the first one, you stand straight in the water, place your hands at the small of your back, and arch to form a c-shape while pushing your chest outwards.

The second one involves standing straight and pushing your hands out straight. With your feet apart, tilt your torso to the right and then to the left till you feel a bit straining.

For the intermediate possess, you can try the squatting jack pose that involves holding your arms over your head and doing squats that sink your body inside the water.


There are great ways of enjoying yoga as you relax in your spa, as some hot tub parts, like the jets, are designed to ensure your body is relaxed.

However, with a bit of yoga, you can enjoy wholesome body stretches and tone your muscles in the process.

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