Hot Tub Shock Guide – How To Easily Shock Your Hot Tub?

You’re probably familiar with a lot of different hot tub chemicals, but have you heard of hot tub shock? Shock is a chemical that people use to clean their large swimming pools, but you can use it in a small two-person hot tub or a large six-person hot tub, too.

Most commonly, people use hot tub shock to clear a type of algae known as green algae. As the name suggests, green algae is green and can grow in pools and hot tubs when water conditions aren’t maintained. Most pool and spa shock products comprise mostly of chlorine.

However, some shock products contain no chlorine. Besides helping with green algae, shock can help clean up with other issues as well. Though shock is associated with pool care, you can also use it in your hot tub.

What Types Of Hot Tub Shock Products Are There?

There are two main types of shock products available: chlorinated and non-chlorinated. Chlorinated hot tub hock products utilize chlorine to break down organic matter in a hot tub. While it may be tempting to go for a chlorinated shock when your hot tub needs a clean, it’s not always the best option.

Chlorinated hot tub shock is generally more corrosive and can cause damage to your tub if you use it all the time. This type of spa shock is notorious for wearing on metal, vinyl, and acrylic, so you should use it sparingly.

Non-chlorinated hot tub shock can clean hot tub water just as well as chlorinated shock, though it might not clean very dirty water. This type of product is safe to use more frequently and can help deter algae growth if used regularly.

Unlike chlorinated spa shock, it is also safer for your skin. When you use chlorinated shock, you need to wait to use your tub for a few days. With non-chlorinated hot tub shock, you are usually good to go after 24 hours.

When Do I Use Hot Tub Shock?

You can use hot tub shock anytime the algae in your hot tub gets out of control. If you’re changing the water in your hot tub, it’s good practice to add some non-chlorinated hot tub hock while filling it up.

Shock can clear up other problems besides algae, too, such as strange odors and murky water. It may be beneficial to also shock your hot tub after heavy use, such as a party.

When you use hot tub shock, make sure to pre-dissolve the material with some water in a bucket. The shock that doesn’t dissolve when you put it in your tub may sit on the bottom of your tub and damage the acrylic coat. It’s important to try and maintain your hot tub so that it never grows algae.

In general, algae in your hot tub is a sign that you need to keep a better eye on your water levels. If the shock doesn’t help your hot tub, there are other methods to prevent algae growth, like replacing a pump or filter.

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