How To Ease Headache Pain With a Hot Tub In Just 3 Steps

When you feel a pounding headache coming on, you may start to feel anxious and as though you have no reprieve from your pain.

While you may think it’s too late to actually do anything about your headache, and you may fear that it’s too late to actually stop it before it turns into a full-blown migraine, don’t stress.

No matter how awful your headache may feel, you can still get lasting and safe headache relief with the aid of your hot tub. 

Today we will discuss how you can ease your headache pain using a hot tub in just 3 steps…

1. Just Get In

Don’t overlook the obvious thing to try – just get into the tub for a few minutes! Steam can relieve pressure from your sinuses and open up your pores, while the hot water will soothe tender joints and bodily pains, and the jets are like getting a gentle massage.

If you have a headache that is accompanied by tension in your neck and shoulders, this can be an especially effective way to work out the kinks and relieve some of the pressure.

The psychosomatic link between your brain and your body means that fixing whatever is wrong with your physical health should simultaneously reduce the symptoms of your headache.

Our Dream Maker Spas, for example, are unparalleled in providing what you will need to fully immerse yourself in a calming, healing experience.

2. Some Stretching Required

Don’t limit your workouts to just at the gym, stretches and light hot tub exercises in your hot tub provide many benefits to your health. Not only will the endorphin you release provide quick relief, but if the source of your headache is physical pain elsewhere, being in the water will soothe your limbs and joints, allowing you to reduce the aggravation.

Working out in the hot tub is also superior to normal workouts, as the water provides low-impact resistance while also ensuring that you don’t overextend yourself or face other hazards. You might even find that your headache is caused by your trips to the gym, so cutting down on time, thereby doing most of the activities at home, prevents future headaches!

It can also help if you simply engage in a few slow stretches to help release the tension in your neck, upper back, and shoulders. You can also try doing some light resistance exercises with a water noodle to help increase the blood flow in your muscles and ease any knots.

3. Breathe Deep

Aromatherapy isn’t just for back and muscle pain but can also help with mental stress. Many headaches are caused by overexertion, excess stress, and lack of sleep. And just a little calming blend of chamomile as you relax in your hot tub might be the ticket to getting rid of that nasty headache.

Start out with scents you know you love, that put your mind at ease, and work up to the stronger blends as you experiment.

Some of the best fragrances to help combat a headache include:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Eucalyptus
  • Patchouli
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Frankincense

Make sure you only use products that are compatible with your hot tub!

Just remember to breathe deeply and relax as you soak in your hot tub – it should only take a few minutes for the throbbing in your head to start to dissipate!

Headache Relief In Patchogue

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from chronic, painful headaches? For more tips and advice on treating headaches with your hot tub, why not check out our blog for more information?

Nothing is worse than a relentless migraine or throbbing head, but with this advice, hopefully, you can find easy relief!

If you are in need of more advice or are thinking of upgrading your outdoor hot tub, feel free to contact uscheck us out online, or come into our showroom to see what a hot tub or spa can do for you!

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