Hot Tub Supplies Every Spa Owner Should Have In 2024

Purchasing a hot tub is one of the best investments you can make in your home not to mention your health and enjoyment. If you want to take your experience from enjoyable to truly sublime, however, you need the right accessories.

Let’s take a look at all the must-have items to take your spa experience to the next level.

Practical Hot Tub Supplies & Accessories

Hot Tub Accessories - Hot Tub Cover


Hot Tub Covers

A cover for your spa is one of the absolute must-have hot tub supplies. Not only will it save you money on heating, but it will also help your water stay free of debris. When your water stays clean, it requires fewer chemicals and less maintenance.

Hot Tub Cover Lifter

If you’re going to have a hot tub cover, you’ll definitely want to purchase a cover lifter too. It prevents back strain and injury and enables you to move your cover without any help.


Entering and exiting your spa is made so much easier, not to mention safer, with hot tub steps. The area around your spa can get pretty wet and slippery, so adding steps to the side of your hot tub will help prevent slips and falls.

Hand Rail

Steps alone don’t always cut it when they’re wet and slick. Having a hand rail next to your steps increases safety and comfort tenfold. Look for a rail with a rigid mounting system, made of high-grade, rust-proof materials. The rails that come with a foam grip are especially nice because they prevent you from losing your hold on the bar.

Spa Booster Seat

If you have children who are old enough to use your spa, but still aren’t tall enough to sit with their heads out of the water, a booster is a must. Not only does it ensure your kids don’t feel left out, it’s much safer than trying to hold a slippery, wiggly kid on your lap.

Suction cups prevent the seat from floating or moving and the height and firmness can be adjusted according to your child’s needs.

Luxurious Hot Tub Supplies & Accessories

Towel Warmer

While not an absolute necessity, a towel warmer will make exiting the tub, much more comfortable, especially on those cold winter days. Most towel warmers, which can also be used for blankets and bathrobes, will warm up to 120° F and come complete with an auto shut-off safety feature.

Spa Pillow

A good quality non-slip spa pillow makes relaxing in your spa even easier. Most of these waterproof pillows attach to the side of the spa with suction cups. They are easy to clean and should come with a 10-year warranty.

Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing method that can now be enjoyed from your hot tub in the form of salts, crystals, liquid and capsules. When choosing products, be sure they’re specifically designed for spa use by purchasing from a certified hot tub dealer.

Fun Hot Tub Supplies & Accessories

Lighted Floating Speaker

Lighted floating speakers are equal parts fun and luxury. These rechargeable speakers can connect to most modern spas via Bluetooth technology and can either enhance your relaxation with soothing music or get the party started with your favorite tunes.

Floating Lights

Floating LED lights are a great choice for any spa. Available in a variety of shapes, these color-changing lights are ideal for your spa at night. Equipped with a one-hour auto shut-off time, these nifty, little lights are battery-powered.

Floating Bar

If you like to enjoy a drink and a few snacks while soaking in the hot tub, a floating bar will make your life much easier. Inflatable holders that float on the water while being anchored to the side of the spa are very easy to use.

Look for one with separate food and drink sections as well as carry handles for your convenience.

Polycarbonate Drinking Glasses

If you’re going to have a bar, then having the right glasses is a must.

Rather than worrying about glass breaking or making due to the cheap plastic tumblers, why not invest in some high-quality polycarbonate glasses?

These shatter-proof glasses look and feel like quality glassware and come in a variety of styles from wine glasses to beer steins. 

Cup Holder

If you aren’t much of a snacker, but still enjoy a drink while having a nice, relaxing soak, having attachable cup holders can come in handy. Designed to securely attach to the spa wall, most models accommodate two beverages.

Bottle Chiller

If you enjoy having some romantic nights in the spa with your spouse or significant other, a bottle chiller is the perfect complement. It’s also ideal for hot tub parties.

These portable units can be used anywhere and make it easy to chill everything from sparkling cider or juice to canned drinks. It’s as easy as adding ice and then your beverage of choice to the unit and then simply waiting for the drinks to chill.

Look for chillers that are rechargeable and weatherproof so they can be used outside year-round.

Waterproof Games

If you’re looking for something to do with your kids in the hot tub, then why not consider a variety of waterproof games?

Playing cards in plastic, foil or PVC are great for kids and adults alike. The PVC cards, our favorite, are very flexible, making them easy to shuffle and deal. The deck of 52 cards comes in a plastic case for easy storage.

If cards aren’t your thing, then perhaps you’ll enjoy a magnetic, floating game board. Many of them can be reversed, enabling you to play chess, checkers or backgammon.

The great thing about these games is they can be used outside the spa, and are ideal for camping and traveling. 

Hot Tub Supplies at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs

Once you have the right accessories for your needs, we know you’ll be using and enjoying your spa even more. And that’s why our top goal at  AJ Spa & Hot Tubs is to help you get the most out of every hot tub experience.

As the best hot tub dealer in Patchogue, NY, we have everything you need in-store — from Sundance® Spas and Dream Maker Spas, to hot tub supplies, water care essentials, and accessories.

Stop by for a visit at our showroom to check out our amazing hot tub deals or speak to an expert.

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