5 Backyard Water Safety Tips You Should Know

Safety first, as they always say.

At AJ Spa & Hot Tubs, your health is our number one priority, so we always have water safety in mind.
If you have a hot tub or swim spa installed in your backyard, you need to go the extra mile to create a safe area.

Adults, children, and elderly alike should be able to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of their backyard without the worry of getting hurt.

Of course, accidents do happen, but taking the precautionary steps to avoid someone getting hurt can help reduce that risk.

Read on to learn how you can create a safe and functional backyard for everyone to enjoy with our water safety tips.

5 Backyard Water Safety Tips You Should Have In Mind

Let’s see the most important water safety tips you should know.

1. Backyard Rules

Everyone needs to work together to ensure a safe backyard environment. That includes your family and guests as well.

A set of basic backyard rules can set the standard for what is and isn’t allowed to happen in your backyard, especially around the spa and when children are present.

Some of these rules could include:

  • No yelling or screaming
  • Always be respectful of others
  • Only swim with an adult present
  • Always wear shoes or sandals
  • No running, jumping or diving into the spa

Get creative with the way you display your backyard rules. You could have the rules printed and framed or even painted onto a rustic-style wooden board. Hang it up for all to see and ensure that all of your guests are aware of what is expected for a safe backyard experience.

2. Safe Installation

The installation of a hot tub or swim spa presents a great opportunity to make some tweaks for safety. This could include fixing a broken fence, upgrading your deck or patio, installing exterior lighting, creating walkways to and from the house, or adding a motion-sensing light.

There are many ways to make your backyard a safe place to relax and spend time with loved ones. Try your best to avoid any hazards that could lead to someone tripping and falling, or even accessing the spa without permission.

A gate attached to the fence could help to keep youngsters from sneaking in for a dip when no one is looking!

3. Cover It Up

Speaking of keeping kids out of the spa when adults aren’t around, a cover just might do the trick! A hot tub or swim spa cover can offer many benefits besides keeping kids out of the water.

A cover can help keep the heat in and preserve energy, while at the same time keeping dirt, debris, and insects out of the water.

Talk about a multi-purpose feature!

4. Adult Supervision

When kids are involved, there should always be an adult present. An adult can make the call if play gets too rough or loud, all while making sure that everyone is happy and safe.

They can also make sure that kids aren’t staying in the hot tub for too long, as the higher temperature often isn’t tolerated well for more than 20 minutes or so.

5. Be Prepared

As we mentioned earlier, accidents can always happen no matter how many precautions you take. In the case of an emergency or accident, you should always be prepared with a first aid kit.

Your first aid kit should include bandages, ointment, hydrogen peroxide, a flashlight, a towel/blanket, sterile eye dressings, tweezers, disposable sterile gloves, and safety pins, among other items you might need.

You should also try to keep a telephone nearby in case you need to dial emergency services.

Water Safety With AJ Spa & Hot Tubs In Patchogue

By following these simple water safety tips and staying alert, you can rest assured that everyone can enjoy a hot tub or swim spa safely in your backyard. Keeping a hot tub safe and secure doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Taking the necessary steps can help create an atmosphere of relaxation and joy for all. With the right rules and regulations in place, you can prevent any potential hazards and make sure everyone has a safe backyard experience.

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