6 Best Swim Spa Accessories You Can’t Swim Without

Make the most of your outdoor swim spa with the right swim spa accessories!

There are many fun and trendy swim spa accessories that you can add to improve your backyard water experience.

These accessories range from practical and durable to fun and entertaining, making them the perfect addition to just about any backyard lifestyle.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best swim spa accessories on the market!

1. Swim Spa Cover

Keep the water clean and energy bills low with one simple solution! When a swim spa cover is placed and secured on top of the swim spa, it helps to keep insects, dirt, and debris from entering the water. This reduces the amount of cleaning and skimming that you’ll have to do.

Not only that, swim spa covers are built using durable and advanced materials to help insulate the spa.

This means that the heat generated from the water will be kept inside, reducing the amount of work the system will have to do to regulate the water temperature.

Over time, this can help to reduce and stabilize regular energy bills.

2. Steps

Maximize the safety and functionality of your outdoor swim spa installation with steps.

Most swim spa steps are built using strong materials to enhance durability and grip on the steps to reduce the risk of bathers slipping and falling while entering and exiting the spa.

As an added bonus, some steps even have a storage area underneath – perfect for sandals, towels, and sunglasses!

3. Rowing Kit

Rowing is a great exercise for those who are looking to tone their arms and chest, while improving their endurance through cardiovascular exercise.

Swim spa rowing kits are easy to install and offer a water-based, low-impact approach to rowing for exercise.

4. Dumbbells

Waterproof dumbbells are ideal for low-impact water-based exercise.

They can be incorporated into a variety of workouts and circuits or can be used casually while lounging in the spa.

Regular waterproof dumbbells can help tone and strengthen your arms, chest, and back.

5. Exercise Bands

Swim spas are known for being a great place for comfortable yet effective swim spa exercises. Resistance bands are another great workout-based accessory that can easily be incorporated into just about any swim spa session.

Exercise bands can be placed around your legs, arms, or hands and feet to strengthen various muscles in your body.

Most resistance bands are already waterproof, but there are bands on the market that are specifically designed for the water, offering a longer-lasting and higher-quality experience.

6. Umbrella

Do you enjoy using your swim spa during the day? Shield your eyes and skin from the bright New York sun with a spa umbrella!

These large umbrellas are portable and easy to set up, so you can place them over the swim spa while you’re inside and store them safely once you’re finished with ease.

A large stand hovers the umbrella overtop of the spa, so you don’t have to worry about holding it up or knocking it down.

Swim Spa Accessories In Patchogue

Here at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs, we sure do enjoy our recreational time in the swim spa!

If we don’t have the swim spa accessories you’re looking for, we can most definitely order them to our store or point you in the right direction.

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