5 Best Quick & Easy Swim Spa Exercises To Try Today

Are your workouts at the gym becoming a little…dull?

Interested in a new approach to fun and exciting fitness? Well, a swim spa might be just what you’re looking for! So why not try swim spa exercises?

It’s a fact that after a while, any workout can become boring. And that’s not a good thing. Your body needs to be challenged physically while stimulating your mind at the same time. 

If you get bored running on the treadmill or stair climber, chances are you might want to cut your workout short or not do it at all. That’s where a new and challenging water workout can come in handy.

5 Swim Spa Exercises You Can Try Today

Let’s take a look at some quick and simple swim spa exercises that you can do in the comfort of your swim spa!

1. Swim Laps

The current provided by the powerful jets is one of the many reasons why swim spas are so useful. High-powered jets create a current so strong that users can literally swim laps against the resistance it provides.

Just put on your bathing suit, enter your swim spa, and turn on the jets! That’s all it takes. Get into position and swim against the current for a challenging cardiovascular workout.

2. Water Weightlifting

Who says weightlifting is only for big muscle men at the gym? There’s a wide selection of water-proof fitness equipment available to help maximize your workout.

A pair of water dumbbells or ankle weights might just do the trick! Strap on some ankle weights to give your legs and core an extra challenge, and grab your dumbbells for some bicep curls, hammer curls, or tricep extensions!

3. Flutter Kicks

Don’t let the simplicity of this swim spa exercise fool you! As easy as flutter kicks may seem, it doesn’t take long to work up a sweat and start burning calories!

Sit in one of the seats of your spa, and stretch your legs out straight in front of you. Now, start kicking them and hold your core tight for balance.

Kick as hard as you can and try your best to keep your feet underwater to avoid splashing. You can even use ankle weights during this swim spa exercise for an added challenge.

4. Reverse Crunches

It’s time to work on that six-pack of yours! To really work your abdominal muscles, reverse crunches are the way to go. Sit back in one of your swim spa seats, with your hands firmly grasping the seat or handles for support. Stretch both legs out straight in front of you and squeeze them together.

Now, pull them in at the same time, so your thighs and knees are as close as possible to your chest. Repeat this motion over and over, until you’ve completed roughly 10-15 of them, depending on your fitness level!

You should aim to complete about three sets of this move throughout your workout.

5. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are usually a challenging arm workout for most. The buoyancy of the water in your swim spa can usually help lift some of the pressure, making it a little easier for you. While in a sitting position in one of the seats, grab a firm hold onto the edge of the seat.

Slowly, walk your legs out forward until your shoulders are directly above your hands, with your arms straight and elbows locked. Pay attention to your posture, your back needs to be straight with your chin up. Now carefully bend your elbows until they’re bent at a 90° angle.

Pause for a moment, then lift your upper body back upwards. Repeat this move roughly 6-10 times, or more, depending on your strength and comfortability.

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