4 Amazing Hot Tub Installation Ideas For Your Backyard

Do you want to achieve a resort-like vibe in your backyard? There are some easy ways you can do that with your hot tub design.

Let’s look at some of the top hot tub installation ideas to take your outdoor living space from so-so to spectacular.

1. Add Elegance With a Built-In Hot Tub Installation

Do you want to add a touch of sophistication to your yard? Look no further than a built-in spa. You don’t need to sink your spa into the ground to achieve this look. If you plan to install your hot tub on an existing patio, simply build around it with the material and design of your choice.

One popular idea is to build wooden steps surrounding your spa on all sides with a platform at the top. By choosing wood, it’s easier to leave a trap door to provide access to the control panel. If you opt for stone, it’s wise to leave the side of the spa with control panel access open.

If you’re building after your hot tub is installed, you can construct a raised deck. This offers a sunken look for your spa without all of the work that is involved. A raised deck offers a sunken look but still offers easy access both underneath and on the sides facing away from the deck.

2. Achieve Intricate Beauty With a Sunken Hot Tub 

A sunken hot tub is a great way to add some style to your space. While hot tubs can be built completely into the ground, maintenance is often difficult. A half built-in spa can give you the look you’re going for without all the headaches down the road. Especially if your spa were to need repair.

Whether you choose to build your hot tub into a regular garden, a rock garden, or surround it with stone or decking, remember to leave access to the control panel.

If you want a patio or deck vibe, you can choose wood or stone to surround your hot tub or even a multi-medium approach incorporating both. Combining bricks and wood adds texture and visual interest, while combining stone and brick allows you to play with complementary colors.

3. Add Privacy and Beauty With a Pergola

Pergolas are ornamental, but they’re also very useful. A pergola is generally constructed from wood and consists of four vertical posts that support a cross beam or lattice roof. Built over your hot tub, a pergola provides visual interest and texture, not to mention shade and protection from the elements.

The level of protection can be increased by planting vines or vertically-growing plants for additional coverage or you can choose to install a sun shade. You can even add lattice or slats to up to three sides if you prefer more coverage and privacy.

4. Special Touches

Plants — Adding finishing touches to your design is as simple as adding a garden or large stone urns or pots near your spa. Greenery such as ferns, shrubs, small trees, and hostas offer a tropical look, while flowers will add color.

Hot Tub Lighting —If you want to add extra illumination, you can line the outside bottom of your hot tub, your deck, walkway, or edges of a nearby garden with LED rope lighting.

String lights look amazing strung above your hot tub or adorning a pergola or gazebo. On the other hand, high-end tiki torches will give your space a tropical feel.

Décor — Try hanging decorative sconces from your covered porch, pergola, or gazebo or hanging outdoor wall art on the outside of your house. Another idea is to add an outdoor carpet to your space and group your outdoor seating into a distinct conversation area around it.

Lanterns are a cost-effective way to accent your patio furniture.  Use a group of small lanterns as a centerpiece for your outdoor table, or use large ones to frame your seating area.

Let’s Create Your Dream Hot Tub Installation

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