How To Treat Arthritis Using Your Hot Tub Or Swim Spa

Arthritis is a condition that affects joints throughout the body. Arthritis can make it extremely hard for the person who is affected to go about their day-to-day activities without pain or discomfort.

While this problem is typically considered an issue that primarily targets senior citizens, the fact is, many young adults also struggle with it. Because arthritis can be so uncomfortable for those, who have been diagnosed with it, finding a safe and reliable treatment option for it is greater than ever.

Fortunately, regular use of your hot tub or swim spa has been demonstrated to help offer lasting relief from this serious condition.

How Can Your Hot Tub Help You?

When somebody has arthritis, seemingly simple things like taking a walk or even bending over can be painful or uncomfortable. When arthritis flares up, it can completely drain your motivation to even get out of bed. However, don’t give up hope.

For those of you who are struggling with the complications of arthritis, a traditional treatment called hydrotherapy can provide you with lasting relief from this condition.

Studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub can help your arthritis from several different angles. For instance, soothing hot water has been shown to help improve your circulation, allowing blood flow to travel to the painful site. This can help ease the aches in your joints. The pulsating jets can also work on the pain in your back and legs, allowing you to knead away your discomfort.

Another advantage of using your hot tub to treat your arthritis is buoyancy. When your joints are hurting, gravity can exacerbate it. When you dip into your hot tub, the buoyancy of the water can take the pressure off your body, allowing you to float away to sweet relief.

Gentle Exercise In Your Hot Tub Or Swim Spa

When your arthritis is flaring up, exercise may be the last thing on your mind. However, gentle exercise and physical movement are extremely important to maintaining your mobility and flexibility.

When you practice gentle exercise, moving those joints in a low-impact way can actually help to soothe the pain in your body and your joints. Of course, nobody is going to expect you to take a jog around the block, as that could worsen the pain. Instead, you can use your hot tub as a personal gym.

When looking at swim spas, both the AquaPLAY and the AquaTRAINER 17 AX can give you the opportunity to gently and safely move your body, allowing you to get a full-body workout from the comfort of your spa.

Hot tub owners can participate in an array of stretches or exercises from the comfort of their hot tub, no matter the size. If you’re looking for a hot tub with a little more wiggle room for this reason specifically, we may recommend one of our 6+ person hot tubs, such as the Edison® or Optima® from Sundance® Spas.

Gentle Exercise In Your Hot Tub Or Swim Spa

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