Swim Spas Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Did you know you can get the workout of your life and enjoy the relaxation of a quality spa all in one chic unit? Enter the swim spa. Also known as all-season pools, the swim spas offer the best that a traditional swimming pool and hot tub have to offer — but in the convenience of one piece.

A swim spa allows you to soak in heated water with jets massaging your body, or you can turn the water down and enjoy a complete, full-body workout. Ranging in size from 12 to 19 feet, they are able to fit seamlessly into most outdoor spaces.

How Do Swim Spas Work?

When your goal is swimming, the built-in current system can be used for swimming laps in place. Created by jets or propulsion, the current is completely adjustable, allowing it to be turned up or down to match your desired speed.

When you want to relax, you can turn up the water temperature for a nice, relaxing soak in the spa section. The jets can be customized according to the style of massage you want, from Swedish to therapeutic.

It’s easy to use your swim spa year-round because you control the temperature of the water. Special insulation and built-in heaters ensure the water temperature matches what you have it set for.

How Swim Spas Are Installed

Having enough space for the unit you purchase and a strong, flat surface for it to sit on are key for a flawless installation. The base should be level and able to withstand the spa’s weight once filled.

Although traditionally located outdoors, a swim spa can also be installed inside if that’s your preference. It can also be installed completely above-ground, or you can go for a sunken look with a partially- or fully-recessed spa.

Choosing a spot near a water source, such as a garden hose, is also a good idea to make filling it less of a hassle. If you don’t have an outdoor water source, you can have the water trucked in.

The Health Benefits Swim Spas Can Offer

While a swim spa can’t help you to eat a healthy diet, it can certainly help you get enough physical activity. Exercise in the water has two advantages over traditional land activities.

Firstly, the buoyancy of the water protects your joints from impact, and, secondly, the resistance the water offers increases your calorie burn.

While swimming stationary laps against a current is the most common exercise, rowing and resistance exercises are also popular. You can purchase a rowing kit and resistance bands to augment your workout or add some traditional land exercises to your routine. Jogging, jumping, and even squats and lunges can be done in the water.

From weight loss and management, to improving your cardiovascular and lung health, working out in your swim spa has a lot of advantages. No matter what your goal, regular use will tone and strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and help you keep stress at bay.

The Benefits of Hydropool Swim Spas

Hydropool Spas are known around the globe not only for being technologically advanced, but also for their strict environmental practices.

The only self-cleaning swim spa on the market, Hydropool Spas are sold through a 250-plus retailer network in 40-plus countries.

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