5 Hot Tub Myths and Misconceptions You Should Know

From “going cross-eyed if you sit too close to the TV” to “having a piece of gum stay in your stomach for seven years”, myths and misconceptions about products can occur in pretty much any industry. The hot tub and spa industry is no exception.

There are quite a few hot tub myths swirling around out there, so we thought we’d take the time to set the record straight!

In this article, we bust five common myths and misconceptions about hot tubs by giving you the cold, hard facts! Interested? Read on for more!

Hot Tub Myth #1 – Hot Tubs Send Your Electric Bill Soaring

While it’s true that lower-quality hot tubs tend to have a higher energy consumption, high-quality hot tubs, like those from Sundance® Spas are energy-efficient and designed to keep operating costs low, even as low as just $20 per month!

Other factors, like improper hot tub maintenance, compromised components, and cracked or damaged hot tub covers can also impact operating costs, as they reduce your hot tub’s ability to maintain the set temperature, forcing the heater and pump into overdrive.

Hot Tub Myth #2 – Hot Tub Maintenance Is Too Time-consuming

In reality, hot tubs are much easier to maintain than pools. This is due in part to their cover which keeps out dirt, debris and rainwater, helping to keep your water chemically balanced and clean.

When buying a hot tub, be sure to pay attention to the filtration system specs. High-quality filtration systems will filter your water on a more regular basis, helping to maintain clean and safe water, so that all you need to do is add sanitizer every few weeks!

Hot Tub Myth #3 – More Jets Equals Better Performance

This is a BIG one.

Many brands boast a high jet count, but if it’s one thing you should know about hot tub jets, it’s that quality beats quantity every time. To experience the full benefits of a hydrotherapy massage, it’s less about how many jets, and more about the type, quality, and placement of them that matters.

For example, Sundance® Spas offers over 12 different jet types to deliver a full range of massage options, from deep tissue to relaxation.

These jets are strategically placed throughout the tank to target some of the most stress-prone parts of the body. This includes the neck, shoulders and upper back, along with the feet for some relaxing reflexology!

Hot Tub Myth #4 – Hot Tubs Aren’t Very Sanitary

The fact is, hot tubs are actually more sanitary than most swimming pools! The filtration system in a hot tub isn’t much smaller than a pool’s, but it only needs to filter about 400 gallons of water instead of the tens of thousands of gallons that are a pool.

In addition, hot tubs use sanitizing agents, like bromine, chlorine, and salt, to keep the water quality sparkling clean!

For example, Sundance® Spas exclusive MicroClean filter cartridge is the first FDA-complaint and NSF-certified filter within the hot tub industry and traps 99% of all particles, small or large.

Hot Tub Myth #5 – Hot Tubs Are Too Expensive

While it’s true that a hot tub can be a big investment, it’s also an investment in your overall well-being.

Taking time to choose the right make and model for you can provide immeasurable health and wellness benefits, while also creating a luxurious backyard escape for years to come.

A hot tub installation can also help to increase the value of your property, as a home spa is an incredibly attractive feature for potential buyers.

If the perfect hot tub for you isn’t quite within your budget, you may also choose to finance it! At AJ Spa & Hot Tubs, we believe everyone should have the chance to experience the amazing hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub.

That’s why we offer affordable financing options that are sure to suit any lifestyle and budget! If having the latest model isn’t a must, we also carry a range of used hot tubs for sale as well.

New And Used Hot Tubs For Sale

Has this article given you the reassurance you need to jump into a hot tub of your own? If so, come and visit the experts at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs today!

Our showroom in Patchogue has a range of hot tubs on display from hot brands like Sundance® Spa and more!

Our knowledgeable and professional team can determine your specific needs to help you find the best hot tub for you!

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