How To Create The Backyard Spa Of Your Dreams In 5 Steps

We all dream of having a backyard that doubles as the perfect getaway. A backyard spa installation is a great way to make your yard look and feel like a luxurious vacation spot.

But when it comes time to create your dream spa, where do you start?

Never fear! We’ve put together this handy guide to help turn your dream into a reality. Read on for some expert tips on how to create your ideal spa installation this spring.

1. Create a Plan

Every outdoor oasis starts with a plan. It’s important to give your plan a lot of thought and answer important questions like:

  • What kind of hot tub do I want?
  • Where will I install my hot tub?
  • What hot tub accessories could I add?
  • What other features would I like to add to my backyard?

Taking the time to lay out a plan will help you get the most value from your new hot tub and entire backyard installation.

2. Backyard Spa Placement

Where you choose to install your hot tub or spa will dramatically affect the overall look of your backyard, so placement is of the utmost importance.

Some key elements to consider include:

  • Your needs and desires in terms of your backyard
  • The accessibility of the hot tub from your house
  • The privacy that your backyard spa’s location will provide
  • How much sun or shade your spa’s intended location has
  • The view that you’ll experience from your hot tub

Visit our backyard planning page for more tips on spa placement, like how to avoid the add-on look.

3. Budget

The beauty of building a backyard spa is the endless options, customizable for almost any budget. Making a list of needs is a great way to anticipate costs.

Our price request tool allows you to get the quote for your desired hot tub or to learn more about hot tubs for sale. You may also qualify for financing to help reduce upfront costs.

4. Find Inspiration

It’s time to get inspired by looking at other hot tubs and spas to find a look that fits your space. Our installation gallery is a great place to start.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your entire yard, or simply renovate to include a hot tub, looking at examples is the best way to help you create the look you want!

5. Find a Hot Tub

There are dozens of hot tubs and spas to choose from, so how do you choose the one that’s best for you? Start by viewing our hot tubs for sale to get an idea of what’s on the market and identify and spa features that appeal to you.

Browse our wide selection of Sundance® Spas hot tubs as well as other premiere brands like Life’s Great Spas to find the one that’s perfect for your backyard.

In our opinion, the best way to find the perfect hot tub is to ask an expert!

Expert Help

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the hot tubs and backyard spas that appeal to you, it’s time to discuss your options with our hot tub experts! We will guide you through our showroom and help you select the best hot tub or spa to fit your needs and budget.

Feel free to get in touch with our team at AJ Spa & Hot Tubs for additional tips, suggestions, services or information.

We have a wide selection of high-quality hot tubs for sale in Patchogue, along with many other backyard leisure products that can help you make the most of your new and improved backyard paradise.

Contact us today or visit us in person for more information.

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